How to fix unmountable BTRFS



First, ensure you've got valid superblocks:

btrfs rescue super-recover -v <device>


btrfs find-root <device>

to find the best tree root to use in repair:

  • The root node should have the highest level
  • The higher generation, the higher chance the fs can be recovered using that root.
  • Note: in your error message, wanted is the generation in the log, the found is the generation based on the tree root.

Find the cleanest output from the following commands:

btrfs check --tree-root <block> --super <sup>


  • <sup> is either 0, 1 or 2.
  • <block> is is given by btrfs find-root (note: don't multiply by block size, even though the manual says <bytenr>)

Then repair the filesystem as follows:

btrfs check --repair --tree-root <block> --super <sup>

Note the addition of --repair to actually change the filesystem.

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