PowerTools for EL8

I just move PowerTools packages to another repo.

You really don't need these packages unless you're going to build some pretty new packages such as chromium-freeworld-85.x.xxxx.xxx (which is still troublesome on both building and browsing on EL8).

As always, you can download this file cwt-el8.repo to /etc/yum.repos.d, and if you really want to use these PowerTools then just edit the file to enable cwt-powertools-el8 repo.

To see available packages on this repo, just check this URL: https://bb8.bashell.com/repo-powertools/

Sep 03, 2020, 22:36:04 GMT+7 1 replies

I forgot to mention that by using the PowerTools, your gcc, llvm, clang, and other related packages will be upgraded to version 10, which they will break your ability to rebuild the enterprise kernel along with its modules.

If you really want to use this repo and also need to build third-party module (such as NVIDIA driver), you may need to change your kernel to kernel-ml too.