Somehow I can't reply message from my μBlog to

May be it's time to synchronize my fork with the upstream which I postpone it for too long. "added" and "features" plural and past tense... yeah... that was 1 year ago when my little girl still spent most of her time on sleeping. Nowadays I rarely have a time to watch Netflix or read my Kindle anymore.

@cwt I acted like I watched Netflix but actually I slept in front of a TV. I didn't watch my TV for more than a year now! The TV is on living room, now become a bedroom for my mother-in-law at night, and child room over daytime. And kid under 5 years old should never allow to watch TV or moving picture on any screen. So I and my wife ban ourselves too.

@cwt Turning TV on is the point. I just sleep in front of a TV. 😭 at least you can turn it on 😭

Dec 03, 2019, 21:39:20 GMT+7 2 replies

@cwt It was my fault. s/is/isn't

I don't have to turn it on.

@cwt I'm just too tired. I feel like I'm going to reborn soon. WOW I can reply message to you if the thread originated from my instance! Interesting bug!