I boot my old MacBook Pro, and I feel sad already. Just a few years ago this MBP was so alive with all the purposes in its life. It used to go everywhere with me regardless of its weight. Now I get older and can’t carry that much weight, I just leave it sit idly on my desk.

Oct 08, 2019, 20:56:17 GMT+7 2 replies

@cwt I have a old laptop with Linux mint on it with a core 2 duo and I can use the modern web and play 1080p videos on it

@nonetrix @cwt c2d is ten years old now... your biggest problem will be ram

@fluffy @cwt Linux ram management is pretty good I can get away with 2 gbs of ram

@fluffy @cwt I heard in the next kenrel update it's going to use a lot less ram on the kernel side

@fluffy@freespeechextremist.com @nonetrix@niu.moe The major pain point is its weight (this is MBP 15 inch which is 2.54 kg). Moreover, I can't find any Linux distro that can fully utilize the MBP mid 2010 hardware yet.

e.g. auto switch between dual graphics or keyboard / trackpad functions

@cwt @nonetrix
>The major pain point is its weight
>weight: less than 3kg
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@fluffy @cwt he's not 100% virgin we need to make him get a think pad and install gentoo first before we can convert I'm to super virgin

@fluffy @cwt tbh I don't even have one I'm thinking about getting one to libre boot it