I use #Mercurial (#hg) on all of projects I can, but for any project that must be working with other #git users, I use hg-git plugin.

Docker Hub กลับมา build image จาก repo ที่เป็น #Mercurial บน #BitBucket ได้แล้ว แต่ image ส่วนใหญ่ย้ายไปอยู่บน Quay แล้วนี่สิ หรือจะ build มันสองที่ไปเลย?

ไม่รู้มีใครสนใจไหม หลังจากย้าย #Mercurial repos เกือบทั้งหมดไป #SourceHut แล้วก็พบว่ามีเกมส์ Super Star Trek #SST ที่เคย backup ไว้จาก #BerliOS (ก่อนที่มันจะหายไปจากโลก)


#SourceHut seems like the last place on this planet that provides public and private #Mercurial repositories for free.

BTW, since I move all of my repo to SourceHut, I also paid (donate?) a small amount of money to them too. If you are a die-hard Mercurial user on SourceHut, please read and consider supporting them.

Quoted from https://veronneau.org/trying-out-sourcehut.html

I'm not sure I like the way features (the issue tracker, the CI builds, the git repository, the wikis, etc.) are subdivided in different subdomains.

For example, when you create a git repository on git.sr.ht, you only get a git repository. If you want an issue tracker for that git repository, you have to create one at todo.sr.ht with the same name. That issue tracker isn't visible from the git repository web interface.

That's the same for all the features. For example, you don't see the build status of a merged commit when you look at it. This design choice makes you feel like the different features aren't integrated to one another.

In comparison, Gitlab and Github use a more "centralised" approach: everything is centered around a central interface (your git repository) and it feels more natural to me.