Announcement: This Instance Code and Forking

This instance is running on a legacy code forked from microblog.pub around January 2019. During that time, I thought tsileo the project owner was MIA, so I made a lot of changes, tweakings, and also added many features that I liked. A few months later, he was back and the microblog.pub was in active development again. Some of my changes also merged back to the origin repository.

Sometime later, I was so busy with my life in the analog world, this instance was running on the forked code for so long and I have no time to touch it. However 2 months ago, the SSD of this instance was failed and I lost everything, so I have to rebuild everything from scratch. During rebuilding the server and its services, I found that my code wasn't working anymore because of dependencies packages are updated a lot during last year.

I have to choose to switch to the origin code or maintain my code to make it able to run again, which I decide the latter.

So, this instance will continue running on my fork. To prevent misunderstanding, I will change the project name to #micronote.pub or #unote / #μnote as its nickname very soon. The code repository will be moved to hg.sr.ht/~cwt/micronote.pub.

tsileo - Overview

Software engineer at @DataTheorem, in love with Python and Go, paranoids...



A self-hosted, single-user, ActivityPub powered microblog. - tsileo/microblog.pub



A self-hosted, single-user, ActivityPub powered microblog. -...